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Clutch or Kick is a hyper realistic online multiplayer simulator, with cutting-edge companion AI and AAA level voice acting. 

Shoot, nade, and defuse your way to victory as the only one left alive on your squad! The odds may be against you in a 1 vs 5 situation, but your team will have plenty of moral support to offer!

NOTE: This game contains some mature content, i.e. heavy cursing. No slurs or sexual references, just potty mouths.

Approach the situation your way with multiple angles and entry points per map. Attack swiftly with the classic AK-47 assault rifle, or lob grenades and snipe your enemies from afar with the famous AWP sniper rifle!

Created by:
Seth Johnson (@chef__seth) - Programming, Sound, Game Design
Jason Hall (@jason.ty.hall) - Art, Animation, Modeling, Game Design
Sam Fuchs (@ElkGSamoe) - FX, UI, Graphic Design, Game Design


ClutchOrKick.zip 661 MB


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One of my favorites of the jam. I can't seem to kill anybody with the machine gun but maybe that is just because I suck at shooter games. The comedy is top notch and I got to experience what it is like playing online games without actually disappointing real people.

Moving while shooting causes the bullets to spread uncontrollably, it's a  mechanic from Counterstrike to encourage careful movement and patience. It's not the most intuitive, but our game was a direct homage to CS so we copied some mechanics directly. I'm glad you enjoyed even though that part was frustrating!


Like Skyrim With Guns

Hope you guys enjoy :)